The Journey


The founder of Angel Shave Club, Iskra Tsenkova, is all about GIRL POWER! As both a female entrepreneur and an immigrant from Bulgaria, education has been the foundation of her success. She’s using her business to help fulfill her personal passion for empowering women all around the world one subscription at a time!

Building a Dream


Her dream became a reality in 2016 when she founded Angel Shave Club, the first EVER shave club created by a woman just for women! Angel Shave Club has humble beginnings, with Iskra and her husband using their life savings they started out of their spare bedroom and quickly outgrew that space in the first 30 days!

The Founders


In a market with several big names already in the razor monthly subscription industry including Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, Angel Shave Club is the first one founded and tailored exclusively for women and woman owned. As a company, we strive to empower women and make them feel beautiful. Most of the larger companies consider women an afterthought and just want them to “adapt” and use their men’s products. Women will no longer be an afterthought of men’s shave clubs…and best of all, No More Pink Tax!


The advice I would give every girl out there would be to never give up on their dreams! No matter what happens in your life, no matter what other people tell you, you can do anything you put your mind to. Keep working hard for what you want and don’t take no for an answer. Never forget that you matter and that you are unique and special. You are born with an incredible strength within you.

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