When we started this venture, we knew that we wanted to beautify the world inside and out. As a business made for women by women, we at Angel Shave Club understand the importance of gender equality. With every purchase of a subscription on Angel Shave Club, you are helping the fight for gender equality and provide products, education, and jobs to girls and women in need in developing nations and right here at home.

Our Mission


We exist to empower women which is why we partner with different organizations and charities throughout the year to create awareness, voice our support, and donating in hopes of providing resources for causes our team cares deeply about. Angel Shave Club is dedicated to changing the experience of womanhood – for all women everywhere.



We are driven by our desire and duty to help those in need. Angel Shave Club strives to empower and leave a positive impact on the lives of woman.



When we work together as one, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. With your support we can help change the lives of woman both locally and around the world.

The Ripple Effect

At Angel Shave Club, we believe it’s our duty to try to do good for our customers and the community. As part of that effort, we set aside a percentage of our sales, and our time, for charitable organizations. Together we can create a ripple effect.

Past and present charities we have partnered with.

Are you a charitable organization or do you know of a woman’s charity that could use our help?

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