Dear Angel Shave Club member,

Exciting things are coming to your subscription. Starting today Angel Shave Club will no longer be fulfilling subscription orders. Our fulfillment partner ELENA is going to be servicing your subscriptions and offering higher-quality products while keeping prices the same!

We’re always looking for ways to pass value onto our members and we’ve found this big opportunity. You’ll notice no interruption in your service.


– Iskra

Activate Account on ELENA

All you need to do is confirm that you want to continue your subscription uninterrupted by Activating your account with ELENA.

  1. Click the button above to go to ELENA
  2. Click the ‘Activate Account’ button and follow the steps to complete your ELENA account activation

For New Customers

Thank you for your interest in Angel Shave Club. We welcome you to start a subscription with ELENA and join thousands of women from different paths of life on our journey to provide awareness toward women self care needs.


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